PhD Students from the Quantum Technologies CDT at UCL

Future training in Quantum Technologies to make Quantum City a reality

50 postgraduates over 5 cohorts will be trained in quantum technologies under the new doctoral programmes offered by UCL

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in delivering Quantum Technologies (QT), launched in 2014, celebrates today its successful bid for a renewed Centre with at least 50 further students over five cohorts. This Centre is one of over 75 CDTs announced today, as part of an overall investment of £446 million, including six further centres hosted at UCL.

The Centre is supported by a substantial investment from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UCL and a network of over 20 partners, including Toshiba, NPL and Google. The research themes of the CDT are Quantum Communication, Quantum Sensing and Metrology, and Quantum Computing and Simulation. For each theme training and research will be delivered together with partners from industry and national laboratories, creating an environment where the students can learn about end-user needs and industrial priorities as well as research supervision from academic researchers at the leading edge of quantum technologies research.

This renewed funding allows the Centre to carry on bringing together students, academics and industrialists from across physics, computer science and engineering disciplines to train a new generation of world-class high-performing disciplinary specialists equipped with the common language and mutual understanding needed to deliver technologies and bridge the gap to end users, ready to cement the UK’s leading position as the Quantum Technologies industry develops.

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