Images from some of the shortlisted Quantum Shorts films

Quantum City announces the top ten Quantum Shorts films

The UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, scientific partner of the Quantum Shorts festival is pleased to present the top ten shortlisted finalists. The festival is organised by the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore, with media partners Nature and Scientific American and an international network of scientific partners and screening partners.

“Weirdly compelling,” was one judge’s comment. “A very adventurous concept,” said another. “Creative and funny,” came a third verdict.

The shortlisting judges have picked 10 films out of a total of 176 submissions – our thanks to all the entrants. The shortlist spans a range of styles and genres, from fascinating sci-fi visions to absurdist takes on the multiverse. There are quantum detectives, love stories and science-inspired comedy. Entries came from all over the world, with finalists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

All shortlisted filmmakers have bagged a $250 prize and a one-year digital subscription to Scientific American. Now wish them luck as the judging panel pick the ultimate winners.

These are the 10 shortlisted films, in alphabetical order:


In this short by Daniel Baig, a police officer responds to an emergency call only to find himself caught in a quantum dilemma.

Atoms searching for immateriality

Anne-Marie Bouchard’s film shines a spotlight on photoluminescent nanoparticles, displaying their starlike nature.

Gluon Free

Chris Willoughby directed, wrote and produced this absurdist exploration of the multiverse.

Heads or Tails

A noir-ish take on a Schrödinger’s cat situation, by director Lin Tianyun and screenwriter Chen Peishan.

If the World Spinned Backwards

Writers Leonardo Martinelli and Arthur Valverde imagine how quantum theory’s independence of time would change the human experience.

Knock Knock

Grace Lambert and Noemi Gunea share the writing, producing, acting and directing credits on this comedic take on the threat of black holes.

LEGIO VIII QUANTAE. "The quantum resurgence after the fall of Silicon Valley"

A sci-fi vision of quantum technology’s legacy, directed by Andrea Rodriguez Blanco.


A Nobel prize-winning theory inspired Chetan V. Kotabage’s film about a lost opportunity.


A detective, a serial killer and a parallel universe provide the framework for Tay Li Guo’s quantum thriller.

Under My Bed

Paco Freire wrote and directed this pithy horror-style take on quantum superposition.


We also invite you to take part and pick your favourite film for the People’s Choice Prize. The films are no longer than five minutes, so it won’t take you long to find the one that deserves your vote! Make your choice at

Also keep a look out for screening events around the UK which will be hosted by partners of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.