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Quantum Enhanced Imaging research and development is testing the limits of imaging as we currently understand it! – live webinar

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology is hosting a series of webinars on Quantum Engineering, raising awareness of the new opportunities created in engineering by the emerging quantum technologies. This is the fifth of six webinars.

Speakers: Dr Murray Reed and Professor Steve Beaumont

Abstract: QLM is a start-up out of the University of Bristol using quantum technology to develop highly accurate, long range, and low-cost infrared LiDAR cameras that can see and measure greenhouse gases. We are working with established leaders in the oil and gas industry to industrialize our designs as continuous and fully automatic leak detection and quantification systems that will help them control their emissions.

This event is part of a series of events on Quantum Engineering hosted by the IET, further information about all events can be found on the event webpage, along with the registration form.