Cyberzone's interactive demonstrations

Cheltenham Science Festival

Quantum City was at the Cheltenham Science Festival. We were in the Cyberzone, an interactive space, where you could find robots, puzzles to crack, virtual reality headsets to try. It felt very atmospheric with special lighting effects that gave the zone a really unique feel.

Ready with our demonstrations
Researchers from University of Oxford, ready at the Quantum City stand with our demonstrations that explain the components in building a quantum computer


We had 30 researchers/students from over 10 universities, making up our Quantum City team over the six days. There were over 14,000 visitors to the Cyberzone and over 2,500 of them were keen to know more about quantum technologies and talk to our researchers in depth about their work and how these new technologies will make a difference to everyday life from medical, finance, energy use and telecommunications to imaging and computing.

Comments from Quantum City visitors included:

Very engaging and thought provoking  -  Amazing! I love it!  - Clear explanation and fascinating work - Really informative and enthusiastic demonstrators!

Explaining the brain box sensor
Eleanor Hill, from University of Nottingham, demonstrating wearable technology, which allows us to monitor brain activity


Final day at Cheltenham
​A tired, but happy Quantum City team on the last day of the Cheltenham Science Festival. Team shown here are from universities of Bristol, Sussex and Oxford.