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What will the future look like when quantum technologies are in our everyday lives? Click on the topics below to find out more.

How will quantum technologies change healthcare?

Quantum technologies are likely to have a major effect on healthcare, from massively improved sensing and imaging through to personalised medicine.

Quantum Economy
What will a Quantum Economy look like?

We are building a new economy built around quantum technologies.

Quantum components, Dan Tsantilis/EPSRC
How will quantum technologies improve the environment?

Quantum technologies will have an impact on all aspects of the environment, for example allowing better monitoring of crops and detecting issues hidden underground before they become a real problem.

Smart Living,
What are quantum communications?

Communications will be revolutionised by quantum technologies. Fundamentally secure communications will be available, thanks to quantum physics, making banking more secure.

Secure communications
What will quantum technologies look like in space?

Quantum technologies will improve communications for inter-satellite networks and provide incredibly precise atomic clocks for many space-based applications.

NASA GPS satellite
How will quantum technologies change the World of Finance?

Quantum technologies will change the world of finance in many ways.


Welcome to Quantum City

Laser lab at Oxford University / David Fisher, NQIT

The next generation of quantum technologies is here. Learn about quantum science with partners from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and see what living in a "quantum city" might be like.

Quantum physics has already contributed to technology, such as the lasers and semiconductors that run our computers and smartphones, and continues to inspire and drive innovation. With the help of quantum science, the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme is working towards making a positive difference to your everyday life, from medicines, finance, energy use and telecommunications to imaging and computing.

Fancy a future career in Quantum City?

The next generation of quantum technologies will soon be here and it's an exciting time to be a part of it. The UK is already investing in training and further development of its future scientists and quantum engineers, with Centres for Doctoral Training to explore and push the boundaries of quantum science. If you’re interested in finding out what it might be like to work in the field of quantum physics, come speak to us at Quantum City. We’ll be more than happy to share our experience!

Ion trap lab in Oxford / David Fisher, NQIT
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#TechnologyTuesday: How can you control individual atoms so that they can be used as the building blocks of a #quantum computer? Find out more on the @QuantumCity website: Image: Single atom in an ion trap, by David Nadlinger
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RT @QuantIC_QTHub: @PhysicsWorld are focusing on all things #Quantum this week. Why not start with their #quiz to test your quantum knowled…
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‘I find #quantum mechanics endlessly rewarding, fascinating & frustrating’, @jimalkhalili, Professor of theoretical #physics @UniOfSurrey & award-winning #science communicator. Check out this #InterestingRead from @PhysicsWorld:
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